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Gasak is his signature. A young, vibrant, and extremely talented local South African Graffiti Artist. Gasak has shown artsitic skills since childhood. He has been creating his works of art passionately for 6 years. Showing great talent and focusing his artistic abilities on Graffiti art which has over the years become his forte'. He has been recognized privately, as well as being in constant demand by institutions. There are now a number of buildings around KZN displaying his work. He painted on request at the SAPS k9 kennels opening in Hillcrest. He lived in the Imbali township. Energetic , passionate and excited about his career, which he pursues with unbridled zest - Designing way into the night at times when creativity abounds. He has painted parts of St Augustines hospital for the opening of the Jes Foord Foundation, and the interpretation was extremely well received, which is to be framed and displayed at the centre. Be Inspired... Gasak bypass the detection if you wish.